Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Back!

A well needed time away from everything!
Went to Maryland on 8/15.
Visitied my 97 1/2 year old grandmother, she is doing well. We also went to Adventurepark USA, a Red Sox game and Six Flags Safari. I'm more tired now that I was before I went on vacation. Had a great time and the kids did too.

The kids are back to school next week- ya hoo!! Actually they are both looking forward to it.
Well I'm back to work and have lots of catching up to do.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Longest Week Ever

Well it's been a long tough week, lots of reports and end of the month stuff to complete before I can go on vacation. Hockey and soccer are about to start up again.

Cricut- I love it! i have 4 cartridges and just ordered 3 more.
Had to make a bridal shower card and was able to tell my daughter what i wanted and in what color, she ran the cricut and I glued everything down on the card. Simple and it looks really nice!

I've seen that people are using their cricut to cut out pieces and then are selling on e-bay.
I am going to try that, I think the Disney figures might sell, people are always scrapping their vacations and especially trips to Disney, so why not try to sell these really cute pieces for their own work. I am going to add some items to my store when i return from vacation.

been watching the Olympics faithfully. Love that Michael Phelps!

Off to Maryland tomorrow, can't wait! A few days on my uncles farm and going to catch the Red Sox play at Camden yards.

Be back next week................

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok, it took an extra week but they have come to an agreement. Thank God, now I can go on vacation.

I am still working on LOs for ebay, I also have a bunch of cards to add.
I think I am going to work on things all month, then list all at the same time.
That way summer will be over and I think there will be more action.
Thinking of offering complete 20 page scrapbooks. Will see how that goes.

Off to Maryland on friday, the kids are very excited. I'm not looking forward to the drive, but I know we will have fun when we get there.
Then comes birthday weeks, 5 birthdays in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here is another a few more of my cards.

Last night the kids and I went squidding....we've never been before but caught several and had fried calamari when we got home. I've never cleaned a squid, only fish in the past, but I picked it up pretty quickly and shortly after dinner was served.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back at Work

Well as of now the strike has not happened! Yipee! They are still talking which is a good thing. Now just waiting to hear that they came to an agreement.

The weather was not great this weekend, got to put in some hours on the cricut. we have had lots of fun playing with the fonts and characters.

I also finished up a few more layouts for e-bay. When I have a few more I will list all of them in my store.

I also have more handmade cards up, hope to see some movement on those soon. Here is an example of one. I use StampingBella stamps and water color each image, then mat. These have made great cards for all my friends and family and hope the will be some interest from others.
Check out G&G Premade Scraps store on e-bay.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still Waiting

Five hours till the deadline. Just have to sit and wait. I will have to make sure to check my e-mail and the website after midnight. I hope I will not be going to work in the morning......

My new cricut came yesterday, have only had a few hours to play with it so far. It seems like it will be a great tool for scrapbooking. I finished another few layouts to put on e-bay. The summer seems to be very slow, no movement on my items. I will continue to build an inventory of layouts and albums and hope that they will move when the summer is over.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 1-

Today is day 1 on my blog. I have never done this before, so please bare with me. I am sitting here waiting to hear if the company I work for will go on strike or not. If they do I will be working lots of hours since I am not a union employee. Lots of hours means less time to do my favorite thing: scrapbooking.

I recently learned how to create paper piecing figures and tear bears. I'm not sure that I am a big fan of them yet, although I see there are many premade scrapbook pages selling on e-bay with both techniques. I have listed a few premade pages to see if I could sell them, the first time they didn't sell, not I've added a few furry tear bears and I want to see if that changes anything. I have had a lot more hits than I did without the bears.

Hope this blog works out and I have others that would like to share and read with me.