Photo Pages

My daughter flying///I was a little nervous, but she did it.

This week I choose to play with fruit and depth of field (DOF).
i love the colors and although I only posted these three I took over 40 pictures playing with the DOF.

Some of the pictures I took for either the Winter Challenge or for Daily Flicker challenges.

Circles is the theme for this photo.

Light painting, a new technique I wanted to check out.

Texture is the theme here.

This is a picture for another challenge.  The theme is "electricity" 
I took this picture in my basement, my house is over 100 years old and as you can see I still have knob and tube wiring down there.  I choose to do this is black and white to try and match the age of the house with the photo.

Okay see here week 1 from the flicker challenge -"52 weeks"  The theme is white.
This was taken at the Northshore shopping center, I just looked up and thought this would fit the theme.