Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Longest Week Ever

Well it's been a long tough week, lots of reports and end of the month stuff to complete before I can go on vacation. Hockey and soccer are about to start up again.

Cricut- I love it! i have 4 cartridges and just ordered 3 more.
Had to make a bridal shower card and was able to tell my daughter what i wanted and in what color, she ran the cricut and I glued everything down on the card. Simple and it looks really nice!

I've seen that people are using their cricut to cut out pieces and then are selling on e-bay.
I am going to try that, I think the Disney figures might sell, people are always scrapping their vacations and especially trips to Disney, so why not try to sell these really cute pieces for their own work. I am going to add some items to my store when i return from vacation.

been watching the Olympics faithfully. Love that Michael Phelps!

Off to Maryland tomorrow, can't wait! A few days on my uncles farm and going to catch the Red Sox play at Camden yards.

Be back next week................

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