Friday, November 7, 2008


I have yet another busy weekend. Two hockey games and practices, birthday parties and I HAVE to finish my X-mas tags for the swap I'm in. They are almost done, so not to worried about that.

I am also trying to start the teachers paperbag albumns that we will giv for Christmas and plan my Christmas Cards. I've already ordered the kids photos and have a layout all drawn out, but I'm sure it will changes once I get to the store tomorrow and see something new.

I've joined a design group on e-bay and am having fun with that. I've met new people across the country and Canada. The Xmas tag swap is with them and can;t wait to see what I get in the mail soon!

I love looking at other people work.

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Daysi said...

The name of the dollar store is the Dollar Tree. The bags are just part of their merchandise.

Daysi :-)